Congressman Greg Murphy visits The Filling Station

Congressman Greg Murphy scheduled a meeting with Mayor Jay Bender to visit The Filling Station on Feb. 15, 2023. Upon arrival, Congressman Murphy met Mary Ann LeRay, Executive Director, Dr. Norma Sermon- Boyd, John Bender and Willie Smith, all active board members for The Filling Station. In addition, Sherry Henderson and Vic Bryan, Town Board members were present. Carol Mattocks, Board Advisor, was also present for the meeting. In addition, Tharesa Lee, who will be leading the Leadership Grassroots Academy was present. The purpose of the meeting was to  present "Congressional Record" which was read on the Senate floor and will be filed in the country's historical records. Congressman Greg Murphy highlighted and showed great appreciation to The Filling Station for all that has been done and continue to do for the people of Jones County.

After the presentation, Congressman Murphy toured the facility and was delighted to see the new Teaching Kitchen, Food Pantry and our partnership with New Bern Amateur Radio Club highlighting our commitment to disaster preparation.