Food Pantry Volunteers Receive 2022 Governor’s Medallion Award

Today was a special day at The Filling Station.

The Food Pantry Volunteers were invited to meet in the Board Room to hear a special announcement and have a celebration cake.

Thank you to Board Members Maria Robles, John Bender, Clyde Murphy, Willie Smith who attended today's event.

Thank you to Bob and Carol Mattocks who brought punch and cake for the special occasion.

A special visit from Sheriff Matt Weinman, Deputies JJ Erin, Pat McCain and Timothy Corey to share in the celebration.

The Filling Station submitted 3 nominations - 2 volunteer groups and 1 paid volunteer coordinator - in January 2022. These nominations were made to the N.C. Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service with the Governor's Office.

All 3 nominations were read in their entirety to appropriately honor each individual and the great service to The Filling Station.

1. Geraldine Eubanks - Jimmy Bender and Tharesa Lee recommended
2. Perfect 10 Volunteer Group - Mary Ann LeRay and Carol Mattocks recommended
3. Food Pantry Volunteer Group - Geraldine Eubanks and Carol Mattocks recommended

Out of 100 counties in NC, 22 counties will receive Medallion Awards to recognize their service in 2021.

***The Food Pantry Volunteers will be one of the 22 Governor Medallion Awards during the Virtual Ceremony on Wed, April 20th at 6 PM Please RSVP through the LINK: so you can join us VIRTUALLY and celebrate this great group of volunteers in NC.

Certificates, pins and other goodies will be mailed to The Filling Station and presented to this amazing group of volunteers.

Our greatest asset is our volunteers!

Mary Ann LeRay
Executive Director