Jones County Commissioners Celebrate Good News from the Filling Station

Jones County Commissioners celebrate the good news from the Governor's Office and N.C. Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism. On Tuesday, April 19th, Mary Ann LeRay, Executive Director of The Filling Station, made a presentation to the Jones County Commissioners to seek grant support for "transporting healthy foods". The commissioners unanimously voted to approve a $5000 grant to The Filling Station. In addition, the good news was shared that The Food Pantry Volunteer Group is one of the 22 Governor Medallion Award winners in the State of NC. This is the highest volunteer honor in the state. Commissioner Chair, Frank Emory, suggested a picture be taken to honor this wonderful news for The Filling Station and Jones County.
"Thank you to the Jones County Commissioners who have supported this mission from the beginning. We are blessed to partner with so many of the county departments as we assist in filling unmet needs in the areas of Nutrition, Education, and Connection" says Mary Ann LeRay, Executive Director.